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Elk Mountain Trading Post Marijuana Dispensary 

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We have Shatter, Sugar Wax, and Wax for $12 per gram!

Live Resin $20 per gram!

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​​​​Dispensary Deals at our

​Recreational Marijuana Store​

        ​170 East 3rd Street​, DeBeque, CO  81630


 $120 Ounce or $60 Half Ounce

Tax Included

Axilla-Sativa/Hybrid                           28.66%

Fall '97-Sativa/Hybrid                         23.50%

Goji OG-Sativa/Hybrid                       22.87%

Hammerhead-Indica/Hybrid              24.55%

Mandarin Cookies-Sativa/Hybrid      24.60%

​                    Sugar High-Sativa                              26.18%                    ​

$100 Ounce or $50 Half Ounce

Tax Included

Blueberry Headband-Indica/Hybrid   18.77%​​

Mochi-Indica/Hybrid                            18.90%
Triple Chocolate Chip-Indica/Hybrid  20.37%

$6.00 Per Gram

Plus Tax

Apple Fritter-Indica                       26.60%

Caustic Cream Cake-Hybrid         26.30%

Cherry Punch-Sativa                     28.10%

GMO x Orange Cookies-Hybrid    27.60%

Tropicana Banana-Hybrid             30.90%​​

$5.00 Per Gram

Plus Tax 

Hot Rod-Indica                             26.29%

Red Runtz-Hybrid                        24.35%

Tangerine Kush-Sativa/Hybrid   25.30%




$16 Peanut Butter or Salted Caramel

 Cookies 100mg

 Indica Hybrid Sativa

$16 Pot Brownies 100mg

Indica Hybrid Sativa

$16 Green Hornet Gummies 100mg

Indica Hybrid Sativa CBD

$16 Wyld Gummies 100mg

Indica Hybrid Sativa CBD

$20 Wyld Gummies 100mg

Elderberry CBN:THC 1:1

Pear CBG:THC 1:1

Pomegranate CBD:THC 1:1

$17 Cheeba Chews 100mg

Indica Hybrid Sativa

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170 East 3rd Street, DeBeque, CO 81630

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​​​​​​​​Please note that although we strive to keep our products in stock, all products are subject to while supplies last.

Elk Mountain Trading Post Retail Cannabis

Marijuana Dispensary Store

Easy Access Just off I-70

Take Exit 62 Over the River, Under the Bridge,

2 Lefts & You're There!

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