Goji OG-Indica

Black Cherry OG-Indica

Glue Ball #7- Indica

Mockingbird- Indica

Night Terror- Indica

Pippa- Indica

Pyxy Styx- Indica

Snowball- Indica

Quattro Kush- Indica

Commerce City Kush- Indica

Big Monkey Glue- Indica

Grape Soda- Indica

Scott's OG- Indica

Purple Cotton- Indica

Member Berry- Hybrid


Blueberry Headband- Hybrid

Lime OG- Hybrid

Lemon Tree- Hybrid

Ray Charles- Hybrid

Gelato Cake- Hybrid

Dank Commander- Hybrid

Ghost Train Haze- Sativa

Strawberry Cough- Sativa

Island Sweet Skunk- Sativa

Iced Grapefruit- Sativa

Golden Goat- Sativa

Electric Avenue- Sativa

WRX-99 - Sativa

Crescendo- Sativa

Tangerine Kush- Sativa

Marijuana dispensary selling recreational cannabis

170 East 3rd Street, De Beque, Colorado 81630

Please note: Our prices do not include taxes



Most come in Sativa, Indica & Hybrid 

Incredibles Chocolate Bars $19

Dixie Gummies $20

Dixie Chocolate Bars $20

Incredibles Sour Gummies $20

Indica, Sativa, Hybrid  

Cheeba Chews $20

Green Hornet Gummies $20

Indica Hybrid Sativa 

MarQaha FlasQ Beverage $15

Dixie Elixirs Beverages $20

Dixie Mints Indica and Sativa $18

XG Platinum Brownies & Cookies $18


Recreational  Marijuana Dispensary

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   Pills And Capsules:

Mary's Medicinals

CBD Capsules $80

We have many different choices of, vape, edibles, concentrates & CBD products..

​Dispensary near me

Elk Mountain Trading Post Marijuana Dispensary 


$15. gram          $12. gram        $9. gram

$45. 1/8 oz       $40. 1/8 oz       $30. 1/8      

$85. 1/4 oz       $75. 1/4 oz        $60. 1/4

$170. 1/2 oz       $150. 1/2 oz     $115. 1/2

$320. ounce        $275. oz        $200. oz



Mary's Medicinal's Time Release Pain&Relief Transdermal Patches $10 

Indica, Sativa, CBD, CBN, CBD:THC 

Mary's Medicinals 1:1 Pain Salve $50 
Mary's Medicinals Muscle Freeze $24

CBx Intensive Pain Salve $30

​Dixie Synergy Pain Relief Balm $26

Dixie CBD:THC Bath Soak $24

Incredible Wellness Bath Salts​ $20. Relaxing Indica Eucalyptus or Energizing Sativa Lavendar 100mg



​    Tinctures:

Dixie Dew Drops $20

Vanilla, Watermelon & Ginger Mango

Synergy Dew Drops 1:1 CBD:THC $25

​Vanilla, Watermelon & Cinnamon

Incredible Wellness Natural come

in Ratios of 10:1 1:10, 1:1 CBD:THC

MarQaha Tincture Drops $15 offering

Sativa, Hybrid and Indica 

MarQaha Tincture 1:1 CBD:THC $45

MarQaha Mellow Mint Mist $15

offering Indica, Sativa and Hybrid

Mary's Medicinals we are offering 

500mg CBD Tincture The Remedy $42

Coltyn's Remedy 1:1 CBD & THC  $50


     Most come in Sativa, Indica & Hybrid 

XG Platinum 1 gram Caviar Pre-Roll $22 each

Sofa King Wax & Shatter $20 gram

$25 Elk mountain Bugler 300mg Disposable Vape

$28 Elk Mountain Bugler 500mg Vape Cartridge 


Dixie Mindset Concentrate Oil Cartridges 

$26 for 1/2 gram Indica/Sativa/Hybrid

EvoLab Colors Flavored Cartridges

$26 for 1/2 gram

Hybrid Blueberry, Sweet Melon, Tropical Fruit, Strawberry Lemonade, Grape Dream

EvoLab I-Hit Oil Vape Pens 

$22 each Indica/Sativa/Hybrid 

Mary's Medicinal's Distillate Cartridges

THC blend Just Cartridge or

3:1 CBD to THC blend with battery


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