Mary's Medicinals Time Release Pain Relief Transdermal Patches $10 

Indica, Sativa, CBD, CBN, CBD:THC

Mary's Medicinals 1:1 Pain Salve $50 
Mary's Medicinals Muscle Freeze $24

Dixie CBD:THC Bath Soak $24

​Dixie Synergy Pain Relief Balm $26

Incredible Wellness Bath Salts​ $20. Relaxing Indica Eucalyptus or Energizing Sativa Lavendar 100mg


Mary's Medicinals: 

The Remedy 500mg CBD Tincture $60

The Remedy 1:1 CBD/THC Tincture $65

The Remedy 1:1CBN/CBD Tincture $70

Mary's Formula 4:4:2:2 CBG/CBD/CBN/THC Tincture $80​


3rd Dimension-Hybrid

Alien Rock Candy-Indica

​Bermuda Punch-Hybrid​​

Blue Chem-Hybrid

Blue Dream-Hybrid/Sativa

California Orange-Hybrid

Candy Kush-Hybrid/Indica

Chem Brulee-Indica


Citral Glue-Indica​​​​​​


Gary Payton-Hybrid

​Gelato Runtz-Hybrid​​​

​​​General Tso Cookies-Hybrid

​Glueball #7-Indica

​GMO Cookies-Indica


GMO x Orange Cookies-Hybrid

Golden Goat-Sativa​​​​​

Iced Grapefruit-Sativa​​​​​

Jungle Cake-Hybrid

​Krishna Kush-Indica

Mac & Cheese #6-Hybrid​​

Member OG-Indica

​Monkey Spunk-Hybrid


Orange Pop Push-Hybrid/Indica

Pinky's Advice-Sativa​​​​​​



Sour Patch Kids-Hybrid/Sativa​​


Strawberry Blonde-Hybrid

​Strawberry Shortcake-Indica


Sundae Driver-Indica​​​​​

Wedding Pie-Hybrid/Indica

White Urkle-Hybrid​​

Marijuana dispensary selling recreational cannabis

170 East 3rd Street, De Beque, Colorado 81630

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We have many different choices of, vape, edibles, concentrates & CBD products..


Most come in Indica, Hybrid & Sativa[

Cheeba Chews $17

       Indica, Hybrid, Sativa​

Dixie Chocolate Bars $20

Dixie Elixirs Beverages $20

​Dixie Fruit Tarts $14

Dixie Gummies $20


Dixie Mints Indica,Sativa $18

Green Hornet Gummies $16


Incredibles Chocolate Bars $19

Incredibles Boulder Bar Single $4.20

Keef-Assorted Soda 10mg $7

Keef-Assorted Mocktails 100mg  $19


Sweet Mary Jane Classic Brownie $16


​Sweet Mary Jane Cookies $16


Popcorn [100mg CBD/10mg THC] $8

  Butter & Sea Salt

  Carmel Crunch​

​  Wisconsin Cheddar

Wyld Gummies $16


Wyld Gummies $20

     1:1, CBN, CBG

Recreational  Marijuana Dispensary


     Most come in Sativa, Indica & Hybrid 

Clear Creek Live Resin $20/gram
​Clear Creek Vape Cartridges

$26 each for 1/2 gram


Dixie Mindset Concentrate Oil Cartridges
$26 for 1/2 gram


EvoLab Alchemy Oil Vape Cartridge $26 for 1/2 gram

     Strawberry Banana-Indica

     Mac & Cheese-Hybrid

     Sour Blueberry-Sativa

EvoLab Colors Flavored Cartridges

$26 for 1/2 gram Hybrid

Apricot, Blueberry, Cosmic Apple, Grape Dreams, Strawberry Lemonade, Strawnana, Sweet Melon, White Cherry, Wild Berry

EvoLab All-In-One Oil Vape Pens 300mg
$22 each Hybrid

Apricot, Blueberry, Cosmic Apple, Grape Dreams, Strawberry Lemonade, Strawnana, Sweet Melon, White Cherry, Wild Berry

EvoLab 1g Syringe Refill $42


EvoLab 1g Alchemy Syringe $64

​       Ice Cream Cake-Indica

       Goji OG-Hybrid

       Chem Diesel-Sativa


Mary's Medicinal's Distillate Cartridges​
THC blend with battery 

Rare Dankness Sugar Wax $14/gram


Sofa King Wax & Shatter $14/gram​

​         Indica/Hybrid/Sativa


$15 gram          $12 gram        $9 gram

$45 1/8 oz       $40 1/8 oz       $30 1/8      

$85 1/4 oz       $75 1/4 oz        $60 1/4

$170 1/2oz       $150 1/2oz     $115 1/2oz

$320oz             $275oz           $200oz

​Dispensary near me

Elk Mountain Trading Post Marijuana Dispensary 

Please note: Our prices do not include taxes

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